yalode compresse triplo strato crema intensiva antiage

SIALOR MILANO, of the Riverpharma Group founded in 2006,

is a science – based company with a lot of experience in biotechnological cosmetics that constantly studies, in its own Research Labs, how to combine the active qualities of Natural Substances in order to create new, innovative and effective Formulations full of excellent sensory properties: superb texture, delicate fragrance and functional package.



The results reflect the expertise of our Researchers and each of their talents forms the excellence of the Beauty Products of SIALOR MILANO, which are valued by customers worldwide.


The Vision

Feel the difference

SIALOR MILANO intends to promote the transparency of its contents and to promptly inform its Customers about the number of functional charateristics of the active Ingredients present in the Formulations, always supported by reliable scientific and experimental documentation to ensure efficacy and safety.

SIALOR MILANO is attentive to the needs of its Customers and helps restore personal Beauty and brightness.

We believe in this ideal and strive to turn it into reality on a daily basis.


The Search for Perfection is our daily business and Excellence is our Objective.

Every project is a new challenge towards Exceptional Efficacy,
for the Beauty of each and everyone of you.

The results are the living proof of this.


Beauty is not just an external appearance.

Beauty stimulates self-confidence.

Beauty is a value that enriches the spirit.



The Mission

The Products

yalode compresse triplo strato crema intensiva antiage

When we study and develop a new Beauty product or Supplement, we select the most effective synergistic associations and the Active ingredients with the highest functional levels allowed:


The active Concentration and bioavailability MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.


Each SIALOR MILANO product is made with active ingredients that protect and strengthen skin to maintain a healthy and flawless appearance.


Yalodé crema 50 ml

Yalodé compresse 60 triplo strato

Syaloderm gel polienzimatico 200 ml

Levicika 30 ml

Lapille 15ml




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Research Labs

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Sialor Milano